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About Us

KNH Roofing, LLC is a full-service construction company specializing in drywall, acoustical ceilings, roofing, painting, door installation, flooring, and all trim work.

Our roofing division has trained crews in metal, shingle, tile, and all types of commercial roofing. All KNH Roofing crews adhere to our "attention to detail" philosophy.

As with any business, the bottom line is a goal...but with KNH, quality is a must. This assurance of quality starts at the top with Kent Hull and is passed to all job supervisors and crews. You can rest assured, that with KNH Roofing, you will get quality not excuses.

Mission Statement

KNH construction will represent the highest standards and attention to detail on every project we perform whether acting as the general contractor or a subcontractor. Each construction job is treated like an artist's canvas and we will be proud to sign our name to it.

Company History

KNH Roofing was founded by Kent Hull in 1983, and for the first 17 years concentrated on residential construction in North Texas. With the new millenium came big changes as Kent shifted the company focus toward commercial construction with projects such as the Petro Truck Stop and Waste Management facility, both of which are located in Weatherford, TX.

In 2004, KNH became a leader in the FEMA Blue Roof campaigns across the Gulf Coast and Florida.