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Frequently Asked Questions

How Hail Damage =New Texas Roofs


Yes, there must be actual Hail Damage to your roof.

We can do a quick and non intrusive Hail Damage inspection to your roof, gutters, and vents. If we don't find at least 8 "dings" or "bruises" in a 10 square foot area that resulted from a recent Hail Storm we will inform you- and consequently tell you not to file an Insurance claim. We don't want to waste your time or our time any longer. The Insurance Adjuster will check and verify himself/herself your roof in a short period of time anyway. Beware of companies that will insist you file a claim no matter what. You can get an almost completely Free roof ($5,000 to $100,000 value) for the cost of your deductible with us.


Your Insurance rates can't go up!

Much to the surprise (and delight) of most homeowners Hail Damage Insurance claims can't cause your individual rates to rise. Hail Damage is an act of God/nature which is completely out of your control (unlike many car accidents, personal injuries or kitchen fires- according to Insurance companies). Yes, it is true that rates in your state, county, or city might go up as a whole as determined by your insurance company to maintain "profits". But Hail Damage, Wind Damage, and Tornado claims won't hurt you specifically or financially in the future. And this is what home insurance is about- covering you when nature comes at you hard and causes damage- and you not being penalized for filing.


Self-Filed Claims are much less likely to be approved by your Insurance company.

This might not surprise you, but Adjusters aren't on your side (not to say some aren't good people). They'll approve a claim if the evidence is strong but keep in mind they work for the Insurance company- who's in business to make money- and keep their money. If you don't have strong proof (and especially others on your side like us) than the chances of a successful claim are greatly diminished. Why? The adjuster could easily go to side of the roof where the angle of the hail had less of an impact either by design or by chance (hopefully by chance only). The path, direction, and angle of the hail matter greatly (and size and speed). If you have a tall home or building for your business (and/or high pitch to roof) the adjuster will likely only use binoculars to "see" the roof. Or they might put up a ladder but still won't be looking directly down to the surface. If we're there during the time of his/her inspection we can greatly increase the odds of the claim being approved by pictures of not only the roof but of collateral damage to vents, gutters, ac units, and even siding. We will use chalk circles to highlight the dents and bruises where ever possible. We believe we can increase the odds of your claim being approved by a whopping 80% (yes, we're good). We also measure correctly the dimensions and pitch of your roof to ensure the adjuster has the right calculation to the size and "squares" of your roof (very important).


Inspection of roof We inspect your Roof for Free.

We will walk on your roof looking for definite and obvious damage (not eye-balling). There is no cost of this inspection whether we can find any clear damage or not. We welcome you to be there as we place our ladders on the side of your home or business and walk up and walk around (sorry, don't walk on roof with us- far to dangerous). We will be armed with cameras and great knowledge of what to look for. There are many cases with roofs with shingles that have depreciated badly but not due to mother nature. If you have any pictures or a video of the actual storm when it happened at your home- all the better. Click here for free Inspection.


Your Roof doesn't have to leak to file a claim.

The question is whether your roof has been compromised which would lead to failure such as a leak- and/or a roof that has just lost years off it's expected life span. In fact, 97% of roofs with real Hail Damage don't least not yet. If you wait until it leaks- than your time frame to file a claim will have passed. But Remember: time is of the essence to file your claim. Most companies allow you to file up to 6 to 12 months after the the storm. But better to file immediately versus later- Insurance companies are much friendlier and more willing to pay out weeks after a storm- versus 12 months after the fact (sort of like filing a police report months later, " why did you take so long to call? ").


Homeowners' total expense is their deductible.

You never pay more than your deductible (normally $500 to $1,000) no matter how big the job/roof is. You never pay us anything until after the Adjuster has approved your claim and after the Adjuster pays out on claim (usually in 2 payments). None of the money comes out out of your pocket, except for the deductible at the end of completion, for your new roof. If the job is big enough, we might be able to "absorb" some of the deductible and help you out even further (shhhh). We will give you an amazing 5 year warranty on the workmanship of the roof as well (we put in writing). So in other words, we cost you absolutely nothing extra while improving the odds of your claim being improved by 80%. Your getting a virtually Free and New high- workmanship Roof for about $500 in most cases.


You will likely lose thousands if you file yourself.

So what if you file yourself and get approved? Well, yes- you can definitely, and congratulations- you just got lucky and/or had great evidence and a nice adjuster. But here's the kicker: No matter what you do and where you go for a roofing company- you will be out at least your deductible to fix the damage. And (and it's a big "And") you will be written a check LESS for depreciation by the adjuster. And the total roof squares and items calculated by the adjuster might be less than actual... And the adjuster might only approve a partial fix for the claim... And/or only for a certain pitch or quality of roof shingle. One example: If your roof is 15 years old you might only get 1/2 of the pay out due to the age/depreciation. We will make sure you get all monies due to you. We will make sure you get a FREE quality roof (- deductible) even if your roof is older. Remember again: you're only out the deductible with us for a complete new roof. Hail Damage Texas


Collateral damage from Hail Storms

During the hail claim inspection the first thing the adjuster will look for is collateral damage. Collateral damage is damage to parts of the roof or home other than just the shingles. Some examples could be vents, gutters, air conditioning units, window screens, siding, etc. Quite often your roof vents will be the first sign of hail damage because many of these vents are made of soft metal such as aluminum. Based on our experience: if you don’t have collateral damage on any of your vents: you can generally expect that your claim will be denied. Our representatives don’t “eyeball” your roof, we actually climb up on your roof and carefully pre inspect your roof to determine if we believe you have enough hail damage to warrant filing a claim with your insurance company. Hail Damage in Texas


Why this can't be be a scam with us.

1. The Insurance Adjuster has to approve the claim. 2. We don't take any money from you up front. 3. We are local, licensed, registered, insured and bonded . 4. You only pay up to the amount of your deductible (only AFTER approval: you owe us nothing if the claim is denied) 5. There was already confirmed Hail Storm of at least 1" diameter stones in your zip code by the National Weather Service. 6. But be careful because there can be companies in this business that will try to scam you.


What if my Roof is very old to begin with during Hail storm?

We will make sure that even if your roof is older (even 10-20 year old roofs) that you will get paid from a claim of the total cost to put a brand new roof on your home. In other words, the depreciation (aging) to your roof won't be a factor with our help . But if you file the claim yourself (or with the help of another roofer) there's a good chance you won't be reimbursed from what the insurance company will deduct for the depreciation. And what if you agree to a settlement when the adjuster is there and there's more damage to the roof (that wasn't previously discovered: such as plywood, vents, gutters, windows) after construction has started ? Again, with us, you won't be out more than your deductible to make it right.


Time is of the Essence on your claim.

Can you wait 12 months to file your claim after a storm? Maybe, but with some companies it is up to 6 months, others- 12 months. Would it be better to file a claim in the first 2 months? Definitely. The sooner the better. History shows that as time goes past the insurance companies pay out less and less per case/storm/area. Are there some companies that do whatever they can not to pay? Yes, there are 2 in particular. But with our knowledge and visual proof- the odds go up dramatically in your favor.